Block Cutting Machine

Marble Block Cutting Machine

Marble Block Cutting Machine

Marble Block Cutting Machine

Ø  The machine is produced with the 4 steel constructions.

Ø  The machine has a PLC control system. Touchscreen make very ease to the operator.

Ø  Brigde movement is mechanic, Horizontal saw movement is hydraulic systems. You can control the speed of cut and back turn  with plc control system.

Ø  Each of two axis make different cut thickness.

Ø  Vertical saw engine 150 HP

Ø  Vertical saw diameter 800 – 1750 mm

Ø  Horizontal saw engine 20 HP

Ø  Horizontal saw diameter 450 mm

Ø  Machine produce capacity ( by type of stone ) 130 – 150 m2 / 8 hour

Ø  The machine has remote control via Modem system.We can control the fault remotely

Ø  Machine Vertical Saw-to-Stone Input and Output Accelerating Production by ENKODER (precision counting)

Ø  1 Unit movement carriage.

Ø  You can track all movements by The Screen of The machine .

Ø  Dashboard fanner system.

Ø  The movement carriage capacity: 30 Tones

Ø  The Machine Dimensios:

Ø  Lenght             : 7600 mm

Ø  Width              : 5050 mm

Ø  Height              : 3600 mm

Dimensions 7600mm-5050 mm-3600mm
Vertical saw motor150 hp Compact
Vertical saw diameter800-1800 mm
Horizonal saw motor20 Hp
Horizonal saw diameter450mm
Column4 Steel constructions
Control systemPLS control system
TouchscreenGives a perfect usage to operator
Bridge movementMechanical

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