2 Heads Trimming Machine

2 Heads Trimming Machine

2 Heads Trimming Machine


2 Heads Marble Sizing Machine  ( Trim – Dimensions )

Ø  Saw's engine power                              4 kW

Ø  Belt’s engine power                             1 Hp

Ø  Belt speed                                            0-3 m / min

Ø  Water consumption                               8 lt / min

Ø  Working capacity of the one day.          300 m2 / 8 Saat

Ø  The belt act to with speed control system .

Ø  Cutting capacity of the machine is between 80 mm and between 650 mm.

Ø  Width of the belt 750 mm.

Ø  Belt is type rubber.

Ø  Triming Machines has a PLC control system

Dimensions1350-3500-1700 mm
Max. Working Lenght Range650 mm
Belt Width700 mm
Water Required8 Lt/ Min.
Max. Widht of Marble600mm
Max. Thikness of Marble100mm
Work Capaticy500m/ Day
Diamond Motor Power3-2800 KW Rev. / Min
Reductors Motor Power 0.55-2 KW Rev./Min
Belt Motor Power 1-2KW Rev./ Min
Total Required Power8.1 KW

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