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We have been proudly manufacturing and selling various machines for the cutting, sawing, polishing, pressing, separating, breaking, crushing, quarrying, etc. of granite marble stones for 20 years.

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With 50 Years of Experience and Experience.

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Different Marble Cutting Machine.

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Quality control , Expert Team Support, We produce the best marble machines with Affordable Price Conditions.

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Marble Machines Turkey

Ciftyıldız Marble Machine ; first started to produce hydraulic press and then to produce universal lathe in 1960 in the Konya Motorized Vehicles Industry. Çiftyildiz increased its production capacity marble sector after a period od time. In order to produce more productive under the better conditions, it moved its factory 10 3.0002 modern establishment in Özel Büsan Organize Sanayi Bölgesi form 1998.

Çiftyıldız determined its target towards domestic market; to solve the problem of covering tha marble rquipment needed bu the marble industrialsts form abroad with high prices and to produce quality machines that meet the expectaions of industrialists. In addition to requirements bolume increasinf every year by supplying the product to the users in proper prices.

Çiftyıldız reflect the latest technologies to its productions by continuously following the technological developments in the sector.It provides a big ease for its customers by using teh PLC automation system in the produced machines .To response the requirements efficiently requires to consider needs customers and use facilities.

Referense of Customer

Çiftyıldız will continue to develop its production by evaluating the feedback from customer in detail.In order to turn trading into confidence and friendship, it produces on the platform having principle, quality and economy it is not limited by production only, but oalso it removes all problems regarding machines maximum in 24 hours in homeland and maximum in 72 hours in foreign land through its wide service network etsablished in domestic land and foreign lands.

Çiftyıldız exports to over 15 countries.Çiftyıldız which says that “the best promotion is the referense of customer “ has accepted in its sale regions and taken its place between the strong firms of sector.

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